Morning Too

Morning Too
June 4, 2021


We have to trust that God is in control, and that He always has a plan for us that is forthcoming. Challenges, hardships, and difficult circumstances allow us to make…
Morning Too
May 21, 2021


With the things that are going on in our daily lives, life continues on. God plans everything for us for good reason, despite the challenges and negativities that are weighing…
Morning Too
May 14, 2021


Starting a prayer by giving appreciation, gratitude, and thanks is a great way to acknowledge God's works. Our faith is not based upon what other people are saying about us.
Morning Too
April 30, 2021

As Friends

As we grow, there are always places for change and improvement. Life takes us in many directions and sometimes, they are unexpected. We have to keep in mind about all…
Morning Too
April 23, 2021

Our Best

When we fall down in times of hardship and turmoil, God wants us to get back up on our feet and continue to do our very best. As sons and…
Morning Too
March 26, 2021

Draw Near

To know God first is the beginning of acquiring wisdom. What we want to do is to stay near God. We do not owe Him anything materialistically, but we owe…