Morning Too

Morning Too
September 18, 2020

Cleanse Me

I thought that I was almost there Then saw a horizon, seemed far, not near I went on further and then I knew I’ve much further to go if I’m…
Morning Too
September 12, 2020

Though Flawed

Though flawed in everything I see His steadfast love reminding me That He is there to have and to hold So even flawed, humbled and bold, I return to Him…
Morning Too
September 4, 2020


My Dad waited for me ‘til the morning                        Looked for me all night Rose early that He might bless                      …
Morning Too
August 21, 2020

In Awe

I cannot begin to fathom                The depths of our Father’s love That while, we’re still imperfect               …
Morning Too
August 7, 2020

Not Quite

I’ve grown so wise in the time spent here Have read my share of books that bear The wisdom of men and their philosophy I’ve grown so wise that I…