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January 2021

Morning Too
January 29, 2021

Loving God

God's grace and love for us is everlasting and permanent. The love that He provides for us should be reciprocated back to Him. Should we not love God any more…
Morning Dew
January 25, 2021


The renovation that God puts us through may not be an enjoyable process. There is a lot of change and corrections that need to be made within us, and why…
Noonday Prayer
January 13, 2021


Time is a reminder for all of us to know that its essence is in God's hands. In fact, God has a special timing for each and every one of…
Morning Too
January 8, 2021


The grace of God is a place where we recognize that we really need Him. As we come into this new year, we need to offer and present an attitude…