Morning Dew

Morning Dew
June 29, 2020


Sin is an action that we perform on a daily basis. At times, we are unaware of committing these sins and continue to do so because of sheer ignorance. This…
Morning Dew
May 5, 2017

Our Time and Our Season

American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) faculty and staff, and candidates for AUHS’ School of Nursing (SON) program gathered at the 2nd Floor Conference room for weekly Morning Dew biblical…
Morning Dew
April 20, 2017

God and Time

Led by Pastor Gregory Johnson, Co-founder of AUHS   While precious are the finest jewels, more precious is our time For we are on a mission and the cause we…
Morning Dew
April 11, 2017

On Zeal and Diligence

This week’s Morning Dew was lead by Pastor Gregory Johnson, the Co-founder of AUHS. They each took turns reading the following passages out loud and discussed what each excerpt meant…
Morning Dew
March 24, 2017

Godly Decisions

Led by Dr. Mok Chong, AUHS Dean of General Education   Several applicants from AUHS’ School of Nursing program also attended the Morning Dew meeting before their 10 am interview.…