Morning Dew

Morning Dew
November 30, 2020


There are no boundaries and limits to what God can do for us. He is keeping us through this time in the midst of everything that is going on. When…
Morning Dew
November 23, 2020

Be Grateful

This upcoming Thanksgiving holiday should be a time of major thanks, humility, and reflection. But, the holiday should be not a valid excuse to show unconditional gratitude. Instead, everyday should…
Morning Dew
November 9, 2020


Yesterday is already gone, but tomorrow brings another opportunity. That is why we should make the best of today and act promptly.
Morning Dew
November 2, 2020

God’s Promises

The things that we do, we tend to forget to fulfill those promises to other people but most importantly, we forget to fulfill those promises to God. Despite these inopportune…
Morning Dew
October 26, 2020

Guide Me

With so many iniquities and sin in this world, we are enveloped in this wave of evil and temptation. In result, our heart must be guarded and protected from the…
Morning Dew
October 12, 2020


We should all be inspired by God and His teachings. Nothing that we do or say is hidden because God can see the things that we are doing.
Morning Dew
October 8, 2020

Follow You

With many things that are happening around us in our daily lives, we often forget or ignore to turn our full, undivided attention towards our Heavenly Father. He is so…
Morning Dew
October 5, 2020

Be Loving

If we can practice all good things in the name of God, our perspectives and attitudes towards others will be justified and solidified in love.