On March 23, 2021, several AUHS faculty members and staff visited Long Beach Rescue Mission (LBRM). Organized by Mr. Robert Probst, the Executive Director of the LBRM, the site visitation and tour was planned for the AUHS team to receive an in-depth look at the facilities and compounds. This was ensured to develop a better understanding on how the university can provide healthcare services at LBRM to the homeless and underserved populations. The LBRM consists of 5 facilities, housing for men, women, and children, programs within housing, apprenticeships, skills and development classes, and a daily recovery program schedule.

The first meeting between AUHS and LBRM was held back on February 24, 2021 to discuss a potential partnership and collaboration in plans to provide additional healthcare services, administer medical treatment, and establish an on-site clinic for the homeless and underserved community. With shared and aligned beliefs in the core values and teachings of Christ, AUHS is very excited for many upcoming opportunities and prospects with LBRM so that those who are in need can receive the proper care and love in God’s name.

On behalf of the university, those who visited the site were Pastor Gregory Johnson (Co-Founder of AUHS), Lieu Suss (Program Director of AUHS Foundation), Dr. Deborah Leveille (School of Nursing Dean), Dr. Mok Chong (School of Pharmacy Chair and Professor, Department of Clinical & Administrative Sciences), Dr. Albert Ngo (Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Dr. Sara Kim (Assistant Professor of Clinical & Administrative Sciences), and Dr. Helen Rhee (Assistant Professor of Clinical & Administrative Sciences).

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