On March 24, 2021, American University of Health Sciences held their first School of Medicine Advisory Board. The two-hour on-site and virtual event discussed about the developmental, strategic planning of the School of Medicine (SOM). The aim of the board meeting is to introduce the establishment of the SOM and the procedural steps to ensure the infrastructure of medical education. The main points that were discussed are program learning outcomes, recruitment plans, and industry and community support.

There were many industry experts including healthcare practitioners, community officials, and educators who were present at the meeting. “With the university’s strength as a faith-based institution, the SOM will be the infrastructure for quality medical education that is integrated with the aspects of human care and compassion,” stated Dr. David Rogers, a practicing orthopedic surgeon and an alumnus of Harvard Medical School.

“From a community lens, I believe that the School of Medicine can play a great, important role for civilians in the city and beyond,” stated Councilman Al Austin, who represents the Long Beach City Council.

“I’m looking forward to being involved with the Advisory Board and the planning of the SOM. Aspiring, future practitioners will be able to receive knowledge and experience in medical education as well as being aware of diverse patient and equity inclusion,” commented Dr. Richard Mitchell, Professor at Harvard Medical School and a long-time colleague of Dr. Sandor Szabo, the SOM Founding Dean.

The mission of the SOM of AUHS is to educate and train physicians primarily from disadvantaged and underserved communities so that they can provide mainly primary care. Additionally, and most importantly, they should be able to affect positive client-patient outcomes by sharing their Christian values of love, caring, justice and respect, to fulfill the healthcare needs of the medically underserved population. With the newly established SOM in progress, AUHS extends their utmost appreciation and gratitude to God and to those who attended and are looking forward to progressions being made to the medical school.

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