By His delight the butterfly

To its appointment set

To change from crawling ‘pon the ground

To flower, dew made wet

And with her fluttering, thus attend

The promise, He has made

Pollinate the hearts of all

Thus, fill this vibrant glade

Every breath that we take and our life stories are all developed and planned out by God. We have witnessed the beauty of God’s creation. Most of the time, the occurrences and situations that we experience are a blessing in disguise. There is no doubt that we will endure challenges and struggles. Like a caterpillar, we grapple with and squirm from the negativities in our internal and external environments. This puts us in a helpless position where we are so vulnerable and at risk. Despite the vulnerability, God protects us and looks over us, just as how a chrysalis protects and encases the caterpillar. And when our appointed time arrives, we will emerge into someone more beautiful and holy and encounter greater and grander things in life, just as how the vulnerable caterpillar transforms into a beautiful and free butterfly. Ecclesiastes 3:1 states:

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.”

To have God’s mighty arms around us and to dwell around Him is the best thing. It is time for us to realize the moment that we have to take action and tell everyone that God is indeed real. We are ambassadors, messengers, and representatives of God. In the appointed time, we must intensify and strengthen our beliefs and faith in order to lift ourselves up among countless troubles.

May God Bless You All.

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