The leadership team at American University of Health Sciences met with leaders and representatives from Mission Community Hospital on October 8, 2020. The meeting was intended to explore potential points of partnership between the great works being accomplished at AUHS and the wonderful efforts being achieved at Mission Community Hospital in Panorama City, Los Angeles. During the course of the meeting, there were multiple and potential areas of collaboration being discussed including nurse training rotations at Mission Community Hospital, the emerging Pharm.D. program, and the efforts to launch the new medical school.

Leaders and representatives from Mission Community Hospital were introduced to AUHS through a mutual friend of Dr. Glenn Marshak and the university, Sunny Koziol. “There are amazing people at AUHS and we are very excited to be working with them,” stated Dr. Marshak. As mentioned above, the three areas of training are significant points of connectivity between Mission Community Hospital and AUHS. Dr. John Spurling, Project Specialist at MCH, states that they are expanding their services to the community with efforts to gain recognition as a diverse, quality “teaching hospital” in the San Fernando Valley. Also, by working with AUHS, all of the requirements to make that dream into a reality in the very near future will happen.

Mission Community Hospital adds their sincere appreciation for the warm fellowship and a genuine sense of kindred spirits that they sensed at AUHS, as both institutions are exploring common points of commitment to lovingly serve the community.

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