University Update 2019On Thursday, January 31st, 2019, faculty, staff and students gathered at the conference room on the second floor for the customary University Update (U2) meeting. The U2 meeting typically is held on either the third week or fourth week of the quarter and all attendees are updated on changes within the school, upcoming events, and more.

The meeting was opened with an opening prayer by Dr. Caroll Ryan, President/CEO of American University of Health Sciences followed by reporting the launching of new programs, accreditations and approvals as well as introductions of the new AUHS members such as, Dr. David Turbow, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment and Ms. Corrine Humphries, University Counselor.

Dr. Ryan also shared exciting news about the relaunching of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Master of Science in Clinical Research programs and also the active development of the Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Pharmacy programs.

Dr. Ryan shared that the strategic plan for the future includes the renovation of Building 3 for the School of Pharmacy, the exploration of Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, the development of recreational activities and the use of Building 2 for current classes.

Dr. John Minchin, Provost, expanded on the prerequisites and the number of academic credits required for the relaunched programs in the Bachelor of Sciences in Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Clinical Research program. Dr. Arjun Dutta, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, was excited to share about the mission of the School of Pharmacy, the leadership team, important milestones, and projections.

Dr. Judith McLeod, Dean of the School of Nursing, also recounted on the preparatory measures such as upgrades to the ATI programs, Kaplan and introduction of UWorld that have been implemented to support the continued success of the School of Nursing students especially the cohorts gearing up to write the NCLEX.

Ms. Jennifer Sanchez, the Student Success Coordinator, presented the tutoring schedules, and the plan for Summer Med Camp for 2019. Updates on Financial Aid including information on FAFSA and College Avenue were provided by Ms. Venuz Cruz, the Financial Aid Administrator. Ms. Maria Maloles, the Director of Marketing and Publications, shared information on upcoming events that students can participate into gain community service hours.

Kim DangFinally, Ms. Kim Dang, founder of AUHS, closed the meeting exhorting students to make their time in the school worth the while by taking great effort to live exemplary lives and to ensure that they continue to contribute to the success and of the school. She left students with nuggets of wisdom saying “how the school is, is what you make of it as students and when you remember that it took us 25 years to get here, choosing to do well because the people who were here before you also thought of you and did well becomes an easier mandate to uphold”. Lastly, Pastor Gregory Johnson tied all together with a closing prayer.

The next University Update session will be held on April 17, 2019.