Spotlight on Kristie Nguyen, Coordinator of the AUHS Center for Academic Success 

By Brent Davis 

This month AUHS spotlights our new Center for Academic Success Coordinator, Kristie Nguyen, MPH.  Kristie was born in Vietnam and her family came to the US ten years ago. Their family is very involved in medicine and education; in fact, her mother has both an MD and an EdD.  Her father is in education and her sister is a PA student. The odd one out is her brother who loves physics (maybe he will teach medical physics!). Kristie, besides her work in the Center for Academic Success has done medical research and published articles on malaria and nutrition. 

 Kristie has been working at AUHS since January 3 of this year.  She wanted to work at AUHS because she “fell in love with AUHS’s mission and vision to empower students through a whole-person model, emphasizing mind, body, and spiritual elements.”  When Kristie is not at work, she likes to spend time with her family and volunteer to serve patients at a free medical clinic for the homeless and low-income. She volunteers or donates there every other week. Her thoughts about the future are: “Life is short, and I wish to see every patient live longer and strive to their fullest potential while they still can. I aspire to join the healthcare leaders and professionals to directly and positively impact patients’ health.” Kristie not only impacts patients’ health through her volunteer work and research, but by contributing to the success of future healthcare workers through her coordination of the Center for Academic Success. Trinium shines the spotlight on our new Coordinator for Academic Success and welcomes her to AUHS. 


Kristie Nguyen

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