AUHS Alumna and Supporter – Dr. Thi Dang By Brent Davis, PhD

This month we are excited to spotlight one of our alumni (Pharm. Tech. 1998), Thi Dang, PharmD.  Dr. Dang describes herself as an independent pharmacy owner who is passionate about patient care, pharmacy, and entrepreneurship.   

Her connection with AUHS started when she met with Mrs. Kim and Pastor Gregory to start in the Pharmacy Tech program.  She had just immigrated to the US as a late teen and was looking for a vision for her future.  She had always admired pharmacy as profession because it helped people and was long-term, financially stable.   Kim and Pastor Gregory’s guidance, encouragement, and friendship was pivotal towards achieving this professional goal.  Upon finishing the program, AUHS assisted her with a work placement at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.  From there, she got her PharmD degree at the University of Colorado.  Upon completing residency in pharmacy practice at UF Health, Jacksonville, she was hired as a clinical informatics pharmacist with the County of Los Angeles. 

 She had always respected small business owners for carving their own path.  Thus, when the opportunity came to own her own pharmacy, she jumped at the opportunity.  It has been an amazing ride for the past 14 years.   

 Starting her education at AUHS was one of her best decisions ever.  She stated that the people behind AUHS genuinely care, and she has received so many blessings through her association with AUHS. When the opportunity came to give back, she was happy to support the AUHS Foundation which assists so many students to carve out their own path and to contribute back to the community with their wellness efforts, food drives, clothing drives, and health information programs.  During the recent pandemic, Lieu Dang Suss and the Foundation coordinated with her pharmacy to provide vaccinations to the community.  It was rewarding to her to help those who may not have been aware of this service.   

 Finally, her goal for this year, 2022, regarding patient care, is to focus on accelerating patient adherence.  Adherence is the number one concern for the healthcare industry.  With over 18 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist, she is confident that her project for this year will be a great success.  

 You, too, could begin as a pharmacy technician and become a Doctor of Pharmacy – and now you don’t have to go to Colorado to do it. With AUHS’s accelerated programs you could become a PharmD in 6 years and 3 months right out of high school (less if you have transferable college credits) while working as a Pharmacy Technician. 

 AUHS spotlights our wonderful supporter, Thi Dang for her many contributions to the work of AUHS. We thank God for supporters like her! 

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