Our students are doing more and more hands-on in the Skills Lab and in Simulation. Students are participating in weekly simulation in the Simulation Lab. They are engaged in clinical setting through a case scenario providing patient care, putting their theory into action. In this week’s simulation, students worked with 3-year-old clients with CP following a case scenario. Students interviewed the clients and family    upon admission and followed physician orders. Each student had a specific role in the case scenario. The roles were charge nurse, staff nurse, patient, family member, and other specific team players seen in this clinical setting. We included a child life specialist in the pediatric scenario who was able to coach the child during IV insertion, preoperative procedure, foley catheter insertion, and post-operative care.

Students begin with interviewing the client, reviewing patient history, filling out the history and physical form, completing a head-to-toe assessment, following physician orders, fill out the flow sheet forms to match the case scenario. The forms are intake and output flow sheet, medication administration (MAR), physician orders, and nursing narrative notes.

They are placing IV per MD orders, placing foley catheters, preparing the patient for surgery, administering medication per MD order, and gathering pertinent information for patient care and concerns.

The students are providing patient care in the scenario and begin to plan for discharge home.

Post scenario students have a debriefing period where they can critique the scenario of what went well and what went wrong.

Students participating in a variety of roles, engaging in patient care, following out physician orders will help improve their skills in a very busy clinical setting.

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