The library started proctoring the SAT for high school students in October. We had our 2nd administration this past Saturday, November 6th with the combined efforts of librarians, proctors, and student volunteers. The administration of the test took place in the Building 3 Lab, starting at 7 am and ending around 1:30 pm. The SAT administration serves to help the local community by offering a testing location, as well as to advertise AUHS to high school students who may be interested in pursuing a health sciences education. 

As part of the ILDAP (Information Literacy Development and Assessment Program), the librarian visited several GE and BSN courses this quarter to provide information literacy instruction on topics such as APA formatting and database searching. She provided pre and post assessment quizzes and activities to engage students and assess their learning. The assessment report is available for those interested in reading more about the instruction. Please contact June Kim in the library to access the report.

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