I sit beneath the Tree of Hope

Where Imagined grows and Desire gropes

I watch as Expecting, runs and plays

Behold where Trust with Confidence prays

Tis there that you often speak to me

Of things believed and I shortly see

Knowing you tend to everyone

A promise kept because your Son, saved me.

Every minute and every breath is a blessing. We run around so much among chaos that we forget about the little things that matter. In fact, we sometimes refuse to slow down because we are more focused on another task that distracts us. Why are we so intent on getting our personal tasks finished instead of taking the time to stop, reflect, and go towards hope? Hope is a fragrance. You want to keep your senses open in the aroma of God. This applies to surrounding yourselves with those who project that hopeful and positive energy. Romans 12:12 states:

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.”

Hope is the fuel that allows us to continue and go on. God has placed us in this imperfect world because of our sins. However, when we take the time to stop and look at nature surrounding us, it is a reminder and portrayal that God has made things very beautiful despite a world that can be very bleak and corrupt. God attires us with righteousness because we are destined for victory. When we soil and taint our attire, the search for hope diminishes. God’s hope is so powerful because it aligns in the Father Almighty.

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