Visit of an internationally known investigator & educator to AUHS  

By Sandor Szabo, MD, PhD, MPH, MSc, DSc. (h.c.) 

 Last week, Prof. Oksana Zayachkivska, MD, PhD, DSc, chair of the Dept. of Physiology of one of oldest universities in Europe, namely the School of Medicine of Lviv National University in Lviv, Ukraine, visited AUHS-SOM and gave a presentation on the situation in Ukraine and her studies on Long COVID-19, as a participant of a large international invited team which was initiated last year by the AUHS-SOM faculty. Despite the tense political situation in Ukraine, her slides demonstrated a very active and vivid scientific life in Lviv, involving not only the Long COVID-19 project, but also her personal research goals related to fat metabolism and multi-organ inflammatory syndrome. After her presentation, she spent several hours with the SOM faculty reviewing and discussing curriculum development and other documents related to the new AUHS-SOM, since she will also be part of our SOM faculty. 

 This is the second visit of Prof. Zayachkivska to AUHS: she was here about two years ago, helping us to initiate the “From local to global outreach of AUHS” that now involves many investigators and educators all over the world. The resulting large grant application that was submitted to USAID last December now involves four countries from Europe (In addition to Ukraine, Hungary, Germany and Greece), two from Africa and Asia, each), in addition to Mexico and the USA. 

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