Dr. Radhika Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy

As the pandemic thunderstruck, leaving everyone dumbstruck

Many months of solitude, resulted in a change in attitude

Initially, we were in self-denial but slowly adapted to the “NEW NORMAL”

With families grieving about their loved ones’ passing

But, soon realized that life needs to keep going

Frontline workers served “day-in and day-out”, working tirelessly with “no way out”

With “mask-in” and “mask-out” trending, social life was all about distancing

Technology surged as a wave, online shopping became a rave

And for many, “Work from Home” came to the save

Months of peril and research accelerated the vaccine search

With many being vaccinated now, will Covid-19 now bow?

Will the “NEW NORMAL” ever become “NORMAL”?

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