SOM finalizes research agreement with the  General Director of a large Mexican hospital in Morelia and affiliated clinical research site in Mexico City


On Dec. 3, 2021, the AUHS School of Medicine (AUHS-SOM) team welcomed to our campus Rafael Díaz Treviño, the General Director of Hospital La Luz in Morelia, Mexico, and Hidra Investigación Clinica in Mexico City, to explore current and future research collaboration.  

AUHS-SOM has already launched an international project on Long-COVID-19 syndrome and is looking to expand its collaborations with physicians and public health practitioners and authorities in Mexico through an international public health surveillance project submitted to the CDC. 

Mr. Rafael Díaz Treviño is an expert in healthcare management and a graduate of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. He was welcomed by the AUHS-SOM team, including the Dean of the SOM, Dr. Sandor Szabo, the Associate Dean of Medical Education and Academic Affairs, Dr. Pantelina Zourna-Hargaden, the Associate Dean of Curriculum, Dr. Nils Lambrecht, and the Associate Dean of Research, Dr. John Schloss, as well as the newest member of the SOM, Dr. Robert Zeiler.  

After Mr. Rafael Díaz Treviño’s presentation on their research clinical site and healthcare facilities in Mexico, the team discussed the ongoing grant applications to USAID and the expansion of the objectives for grant applications to NIH, as well as research protocols for Rafael Díaz Treviño’s team in Mexico.  


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