Morning Too
October 12, 2020


We need encouragement to strengthen us up. People may seem very positive and cheerful on the outside, but they may be broken on the inside and are going through many…
Morning Dew
October 8, 2020

Follow You

With many things that are happening around us in our daily lives, we often forget or ignore to turn our full, undivided attention towards our Heavenly Father. He is so…
Noonday Prayer
October 7, 2020

Lay Aside

All the things that are shackling and holding us down are the weights of life's negativities. In order to cleanse ourselves from these negativities, we need to recognize God as…
Morning Dew
October 5, 2020

Be Loving

If we can practice all good things in the name of God, our perspectives and attitudes towards others will be justified and solidified in love.