AUHS has recently signed agency agreements with partners worldwide including from Canada, Australia, the EU, Asia, and South Africa. Through these agencies we will promote AUHS programs to international students. Currently, we are conducting extensive training for our partners’ sales teams as well as seminars for their students and, as a result of these activities, we hope to see an increase in international admissions soon. 

Beside agencies, AUHS also has begun a long-term cooperation with Hong Bang International University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where more than 8,000 medical students are studying. 

At the meeting with this university, HIU proposed some cooperative programs with AUHS such as 

1) Workshops, seminars or short courses on general medicine for students. 

2) Academic exchanges of lecturers and students and especially internship programs for students of both schools.  

Furthermore, HIU has also proposed that HIU and AUHS faculty members jointly participate in scientific research or educational research projects. 

This is an important milestone, marking and promoting the spirit of cooperation between the two universities so that, in the future, the healthcare education of both HIU and AUHS will be strengthened and generations of doctors, nurses, and healthcare technicians, who are both ethical and skilled, will be trained 


Graduates at the Hong Bang International University, Vietnam

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