I searched about in hopes to gain

What similitude of joy remains

Whilst ‘pon this earth, each ventured day

That yearns for something, seemed far away

An endless voyage undertook

And futile void of Him who shook

Alas return to The Way I knew

Knowing God, I need not pursue, happiness

Happiness can be elusive and subjective. It can mean many things because there are many concepts to what brings happiness. In fact, happiness is truly being engaged with God, which brings sheer joy from the inside. Being with God delivers a sense of purpose and a fresh, new perspective on genuine happiness. In this journey called life, we search for many things that make us happy. However, it is ultimately seeking God and having faith in Him as our primary source of happiness. Ecclesiastes 2:26 states:

“To the person who pleases Him, God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness.”

Sometimes, even the simplest of things makes us happy. Whether it is spending time with family or friends, seeing others succeed, or just smiling towards another individual, the root of happiness all goes back to God and His Word. God is our source of life, our source of inspiration, and our source of happiness. So, seek Him and His Word to make your journey shine.

May God Bless You All.

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