Dr. Albert Ngo, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Science at the AUHS School of Pharmacy, received acceptance of his research manuscript titled, “Prevalence of Hypertension in Homeless Adults: an Interprofessional Education Community-Based Health Fairs Cross-Sectional Study in Urban Long Beach, California,” for publication. Professor Massimo Volpe, Editor-in-Chief at Elsevier, informed Dr. Ngo about his recent achievement. Dr. Ngo’s manuscript will be published in the journal High Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Prevention.

How would you apply this achievement to influence others?

Dr. Ngo: I believe that publishing a research article is part of my duties here at the American University of Health Sciences. I am trying my best to fulfill my job duties. This publication is a result of a team of co-authors. I believe that as faculty members, we need to know our strengths, weaknesses and set a clear goal every year. For instance, I am very productive when I am part of a team. I also believe that we need to encourage teamwork and collaboration among faculty and especially, set a collaborative research goal. That will ultimately help all faculty become productive in doing research and getting extra mural finding.

What are your greatest career achievements during your time with AUHS?

Dr. Ngo: I have two publications since I joined the American University of Health Sciences. But, I believe I can do more in securing an extra mural funding. I am diligently working on that.

What active assignments or projects are you currently involved in?

Dr. Ngo: I am heavily involved with the AUHS foundation. We are trying our best to empower the homeless community through health education and reduction of health disparities. I also have a joint appointment with Charles Drew University via the memorandum of understanding between AUHS and CDU. I am part of the drug discovery unit team at CDU.

Tell us about a mentor and/or influential figure in your life who has created an impact on you or inspired you to set on your own path today.

Dr. Ngo: Since I started my Ph.D. program at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC), I made a vow to myself to embrace a career of research and academia. Since then, I began to develop the skills and acquire the required experience during my years at UMKC. There is a very influential researcher in the field of pharmaceutical science who has been successful. He is an eminent professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His name is Pr. Robert Samuel Langer. We are both chemical engineers and he has been successful in the field of pharmaceutical science. I am trying to follow in his footsteps. So far, I have two U.S. patents from my previous work at UMKC. My dream is to become successful like him.

What difference has AUHS made during your affiliation with them?

Dr. Ngo: AUHS is a particularly good place to work.  I already learned a lot here at AUHS, especially the U.S. Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education process. I have also strengthened my research and teaching skills. I have gained a lot of experience that will make me a successful faculty member.

Finally, as an educator and faculty member, what advice do you have for prospective and current students? What do you hope to see for AUHS and its community?

Dr. Ngo: As an educator, I will advise prospective students to join us. AUHS is a truly diverse and inclusive workplace with highly qualified faculty and staff. All students from different backgrounds and cultures are welcome here. Student success is our number one priority. Faculty and staff will help them to get the education, experience, and skills needed to become a successful future healthcare worker.

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