“Be not discouraged when trials do come. Be not dismayed at the storm.  For where the wind blows, so too the sail, that helps you move along. The storm is but a prelude, for the promises He has made. Soon you will reach the shore that waits, and bask within the glade.”



Each obstacle that you and I face is permitted by our God.

Your Father knows what is to come and makes certain He’s beside.



Through difficulties, we are groomed. We are made fit for the steps to come.

We need our difficulties to expand if we would learn to run.



Because we are His children. Because His daughters and His sons.

No problem exists that He hasn’t seen, to make certain we have won.



I stepped and almost fell today. Then took note of where I tripped.

I fixed the place and went from there to another crack I met.

Each place I found uncertainty. Each area, needing repair.

Allowed me to know for certain that the next journey would be made with care.



Stumbling blocks, they come to us, equipped sometimes with pain.

They rise at times when we felt certain, we’d never fall again.

Stumbling blocks occur and then reveal who stands with we.

Unless the barrier comes, it is hard, at times for us to see.

Stumbling blocks are hard, are big and difficult to lift.

Sometimes we simply have to ask for others to come and give assist

So do not be discouraged, do not feel sad, when stumbling blocks arise.

You need them to be your stepping stones in the success His love inspires.