Rosa Companioni is a woman of many hats including the stylish cap in the picture. She is an Assistant Librarian for AUHS but is helping Student Services while Ms. Mary Grace enjoys her beautiful new baby, and Rosa does what she can to help part-time as the Interim BSN Admin for the school of Nursing.  Rosa started at AUHS in May 2021 as a library intern while completing her Library Technician Certification under Ms. June Kim and was very happy to be hired as Assistant Librarian in late July 2021. 


She was really impressed with how AUHS puts God at the center of all things and how kind everyone was, even though she was just an intern. Hearing the Noon Day Prayer from the library every Wednesday, she knew she wanted to be a part of the beautiful vision of AUHS, to work where one could see the impact of education and helping the community. 


Outside of work, she has grown in her relationship with God and life due to the impact of Covid on her family. Her dreams and aspirations revolve around being the best version of herself every day; they revolve around having the grace to accept and learn from mistakes and always striving to be better. She also is growing as a runner: She did about 25 races in 2018 and 2019 and finished her first-ever Marathon in 2019 after 7 grueling hours. Next year she hopes to do the Long Beach Marathon. Finally, she has been helping the AUHS Foundation with events like the Book/Health Fair, the Thanksgiving Events on campus and at Pastor’s church, and is looking forward to helping with the Toy Event later this week. 


AUHS shines the spotlight on Rosa Companioni, and she shines the spotlight on God through her dedicated service to AUHS and the community. 


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