From left to right: Dr. Marilyn Uvero, Dr. Caroll Ryan, Pastor Gregory Johnson, Mr. Robert Probst, Dr. Mok T. Chong, Dr. Parnian Eslami, Dr. Sara Kim

On February 24, 2021, the university’s leadership (AUHS Co-Founder Pastor Gregory Johnson, AUHS President Dr. Caroll Ryan, and Vice President/Provost Dr. Marilyn Uvero) and several faculty members from the AUHS School of Pharmacy (Dr. Mok T. Chong, Dr. Parnian Eslami, and Dr. Sara Kim) warmly welcomed Mr. Robert Probst, who is the Executive Director of Long Beach Rescue Mission and has nearly 20 years of experience working with rescue missions. The meeting was held to discuss a potential collaboration between AUHS and the LBRM, in which both establishments plan to provide healthcare services at LBRM to the homeless population, offer grants and funding opportunities, and more. Additional upcoming plans include initiating preliminary data collection and scheduling a site visit at LBRM. Through this blessed and wonderful opportunity gifted by God, AUHS is excited to collaborate with Long Beach Rescue Mission because of their shared beliefs, intentions, and objectives and the passion to create a life-changing, positive impact in the public community. 

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